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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Keys To Teaching Success


Come to School Everyday
Listen in Class
Participate in all Activities
Do Homework
Study for Quizzes and Tests

Note: Plans are essential for students if they are to be successful. Both students and teacher need to know what they must do for students to be successful. Above is a basic student plan for success and the teacher must be sure that students follow the plan.


A Planned Way to do Everything

Talking – 6” voices
Moving – 5-second rule
Grouping – What 2 looks like, 3, 4
Work – How to pass it in
Pencil – How to get one

Teacher Procedures in Place

Bell to Bell teaching
Opening activity everyday
Materials always in the same place

Note: Both students and teachers must have procedures in place. It can never be good for all the procedures and rules to be inflicted on the students and none on the teacher.


Over Plan – Bell to Bell Teaching is a must for Success
Opening Activity
Innovative Methodologies
Fast paced instruction
Always vary the timeline
No Fluff

Note: There is no substitute for good planning and it is the key to being a successful teacher. Fast paced bell to bell instruction is the most important component of a well planned day. I tell teachers all the time if you pick up the pace and insist on bell to bell instruction you can eliminate half your problems immediately and it usually turns out to be true.


Grade all Student Work
Assessment after each Lesson Segment
Use Multiple Assessment Types

Note: Students will not complete work if it is not being graded so there is no need to assign it. Also, you must assess after each segment of your lesson to be sure that your lesson was effective. In addition, grades will improve if you have multiple opportunities for grades each day.


Parents have a right to know
Parents want their child to be successful
Make Parents part of your TEAM
Use counselors and others to help

Note: Calling parents is the single most effective way of improving the behavior of a student. You must always remember to not be accusatory. Be honest about what is taking place in your classroom.


Treat all Students the SAME
Hold all Students Accountable
If you SAY it Mean It
Be Positive with Feedback
Interact with ALL Students

Note: Students hate teachers that are not the same each day. Teachers that run their classrooms on emotion quickly run into problems. For example, if the teacher is in a good mood, the students can get away with anything; if the teacher is in a bad mood, the students can not breathe without getting into trouble. You cannot bring home baggage to work or allow what happened first period to ruin second period.

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