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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Baseball is a great game to use when reviewing for a test. It is easy to set up and needs no materials. The only thing the teacher has to do is have a list of questions that will assist the students in learning the necessary material to make a good grade on the test. The teacher will divide the class into two groups and create the baseball diamond. First base should be one wall, second another, third another, and home plate should be the whiteboard. The students should physically move around the bases. I recommend 3—5 bonus points be awarded to the winning team on their next test or quiz to encourage studying for the game.

Game Procedure:

1. Teacher directs a question to player #1 on team1. This student cannot receive assistance from other team members. If assistance is given, the team is automatically given three outs and the other team is up to bat. I recommend the no-talking rule for all teams while the teacher is posing the question to the at-bat team.

2. If the student answers the question correctly, he goes to first base.

3. If the student answers incorrectly, the opposing team can collaborate (in a whisper) and answer the question to put the student out. If team #2 fails to answer correctly, the student receives 1 strike and is asked another question.
Note: If a student gets three strikes, he is out automatically. If you have discipline problems in your classroom, I recommend using a team captain as the only person who can give the answer to put a student out. The team captain would poll 4-5 students for the answer and decide which answer to give the teacher. Students who desire to be polled need to raise their hands.

4. The process continues until team #2 gets three outs against team #1. Then team #2 gets to bat until they get three outs.
Note: Four players must answer correctly to score a run.

5. The team scoring the most runs wins the game.

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