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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Give and Receive

Give and Receive is a great way to review material that students need to know. Every two students need a set of cards with a question on one side and an answer on the other. The room is then set up in stations with half the class being a giver and the other half being a receiver. I usually label the stations until the students get used to playing the game (See giver and receiver markers below).


1. Set the room up in 2 person stations (see diagram).

2. Place one giver and one receiver at each station.

3. Give each giver group member a set of flashcards and each receiver group member a sticky note/index card.

4. Givers ask questions and receivers answer questions. The receiver scores one point for each question that he/she can answer in 20 seconds. All scores are kept on the student’s sticky note/index card. After 20 seconds, the teacher says move; and all receivers move to a new station and repeats the process (see diagram below). The round is over when every receiver has visited each of the giver stations and returned to his/her home spot. All points are added up and a winner is declared.Now the givers become the receivers and the receivers become the givers and round two begins following the above procedures.

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