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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poster Runoff

Poster Runoff is used to introduce or reinforce material. In poster runoff students are divided into groups of three and asked to reproduce a picture with only one member of the group being able to see the picture. The following roles and procedures should be followed:

Role #1: Giver of Information ---- This person is given a picture, and it is their responsibility to share what he/she sees with role #2.

Role #2: Receiver of Information ---- This person listens to what role #1 tells them is represented in the picture. Then, he/she tells role #3 what they have been told.

Role #3: Interpreters of Information ---- This person puts on paper what role #2 tells him/her that role #1 sees in the picture.

To download these pictures click on the slide show, in the resulting window right click on the image and select "save picture as".

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