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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Switch It

Switch It is an activity that allows students to practice what they have learned in the classroom and is an excellent way to prepare students for SOL/End-of-Course tests. The teacher prepares visuals with multiple choice questions and places one visual with 1-3 questions on a card or sheet of paper (See sample below). You will need 5-7 visuals with questions depending on the size of your class. If you have a class of 25 you would have five different visuals with questions. All five different visuals with questions make up one class set. Using the Xerox machine you need to make four more sets of your visuals. To do this activity with a class of 25, you would need five sets of your visuals and questions. I recommend each set be mounted on different color construction paper and laminated so that it can be used over and over again and the different colors helps you define who is in which group. Ok, now what do you do to implement Switch It.


1. Place your students in groups of 5-7 depending on class size. I recommend that the groups be in rows with all the ones across the front of the room and all the fives or more across the back of the room. Each student in the group is given a numbe
r and should be sitting in this number order.

2. Each student is given a card with the same number that they have been given.

3. Each student is given an answer sheet that correspondences with the visuals and questions. The answer sheet will be used for all visuals and questions within one set (See sample below).

4. All students are explained the Switch It process. Each
student will be given a set time (1-3 minutes) to read/interpret the visual and answer his/her question(s) and then the teacher will say switch it. Number 1 will pass their card to #2, #2 to #3, #3 to #4, #4 to #5, #6 to #7, and # 7 will physically walk his/her card to #1. The teacher will count to 10 for this process to take place and then start timing again for the students to complete their next card. This process will continue until all students have completed all cards. Be sure that all students are starting at the right spot on their answer sheet.

5. Answers are graded. You can collect
or switch the papers and have students grade.

6. Teacher will answer questions for students who have made mistakes.

7. You are done unless you want to repeat the activity to help your students improve their performance. I like to Switch It again with the same material if students do not do well the first time.

Switch It

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