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Tuesday, March 24, 2009



Old Maid is a game that allows group participation while reviewing learned material. Old Maid works well when matching two items or classifying different topics. You can create your own Old Maid Cards using the attached Old Maid cards or if you are in a hurry just have your students make the Old Maid cards using index cards. The beauty of creating your own is that you can laminate them and use them over and over again.


1. The teacher will divide the class into groups of four.
2. Each group will create or be given a deck of cards on any assigned subject matter. One card lists an example or question, and a second card contains a matching fact or answer. If you have five groups you will need five sets of cards.

Card #1 — Jamestown
Matching Card #1 — located in the colony of Virginia

3. Cards are then shuffled for dealing.
4. The cards are dealt to the students in each group.
5. Students put cards in their hand and lay down matches they already have.
6. Each player then draws a card from the person on their left attempting to make additional matches.
7. When matches are made, they are taken out of the players hand and placed face up in front of the player. The teacher should circulate at all times pointing out incorrect matches and have those matches placed back into the student’s hand.
8. When a student runs out of cards all matches are checked by the teacher and if all matches are correct this student is declared the 1st finisher. If this student has any incorrect matches, these cards are returned to the student’s hand and play continues. Once a 1st finisher is declared, play continues until one student in the group is left with the OLD MAID.

The figures below can be used to see what the game looks like.

To download these pictures click on the slide show, in the resulting window right click on the image and select "save picture as".

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