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Wednesday, April 15, 2009



1. Chips (3 colors paper or plastic) – If you have a noisy class always use paper.

2. A small trash can set on a chair for the basket.

3. Homemade balls made from a scrap paper. Having lots of balls makes the shooting go faster in the end.

4. A list of questions for review.

5. 3 lines taped on the floor to represent a 1 point shot, a 2 point shot, and a 3 point shot.

The teacher will go around the room and ask different students questions. If a student answers a question correctly, they receive a chip or piece of paper. If the question is answered incorrectly, the question goes to the next student. When you have run out of questions or time, allow the students to shoot a basket for each chip they have. Each different colored chip received is given a point value. This is how the students know how many 1 point, 2 point, and 3 point baskets they will be shooting. After baskets are shot, the student who scores the most points is award the outstanding player award and their name is placed in a special spot in the classroom until the next time the game is played. In my day it went next to a poster of Michael Jordan; today it might be next to a poster of Kobe Bryant. I particularly liked having basketball days where I would teach something, review it with the basketball, teach something else, review it with basketball, etc. I used to do it four times; I called it the quarters of the game. Then I would take the last 10 minutes of class and do all the shooting, praising, laughing, etc.; all the things that take place when you have fun. You will be amazed at how hard a student will work and how well they will listen in order to be able to shoot pieces of paper into a trash can at the end of class. If you really want to jazz things up; get several nerf balls. I always used a trash can and paper because more people, especially girls, could make baskets easier.

Helpful organizational hints

1. Never tell the students what color equals what point value until after the game. This prevents arguments about what color chip they are getting. I tell them they have to take whatever chip I pull out of the bag.

2. Shoot all the one point tokens, then the 2 points tokens, and then all the 3 point tokens. Students will have to pay attention so they know when to get in line again.

3. Have two students work as rebounders to collect used balls off the floor and out of the trash can.

4. Buy two cheap baskets (Dollar Tree or other cheap store) for balls to be placed in. You can use one and the rebounders will fill the other; then you can trade baskets.

5. When students come up to shoot have them trade tokens for balls; if they make a shot(s) give them that number of tokens back. This makes it easier to count up the score at the end.

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