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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Create a Brochure

Taking notes can become boring; and when boredom sets in students often miss valuable information that is being presented by their teacher. In an effort to spice up the process taking notes, the students can create a brochure instead. A brochure can also be used as an independent activity, utilizing textbooks or other resources to obtain the necessary information.

Materials: Paper
Pens and markers
Magazines or preprinted pictures


1. Give each student a piece of paper.
2. Have the student fold the paper into thirds.
3. Give the brochure a major title on front and subtitles in the interior and on the back. I recommend that the teacher create all titles and subtitles, and I have placed the teacher responsibilities in red in the brochure sample below. The purpose of doing this is to direct the student and assure that you get the information that you want.
4. Have your students add information that is either being presented by the teacher or from another source. Students can select and add pictures to give originality.
5. Encourage students to draw and use their creativity to spice things up.

Note: This activity can be done as a computer activity. I would recommend that you set up the template and have the students download your template to save time.

To download these pictures click on the slide show, in the resulting window right click on the image and select "save picture as".

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