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Monday, August 3, 2009

Classroom Management Tip #2: Plan for Student Success

Students like to know what is expected of them in your classroom and what they have to do to be successful. Successful students do not cause problems in the classroom and thus the more successful students you have the less problems you will have. Tell your students up front what they need to do to get a good grade and hold them to it. In my classroom I called my plan for success the “Five Steps to an A or a B.” I gave the plan to the students in writing and those steps in the plan were the subject of many student conferences as well as parent phone calls and conferences. For example: Johnny is a very nice boy but does not follow step one on the plan for success in my classroom. He needs to come to school everyday; how can we make this happen? Below you will find ready made cards like the ones I gave my students when I was a classroom teacher. Use mine or create your own plan for success.

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