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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Classroom Management Tip #3: Opening Routine

Having a standard opening routine in your classroom can help you and your students get off on the right foot each day. This makes it easier for students to understand what is expected every day prior to the start of the formal lesson. This allows you to take the roll without interruption and helps you teach your students certain organizational skills necessary for success. All opening routines need to have an academic assignment that will result in the first grade of the day. Below is a sample of an opening routine and I recommend that you tape your opening routine to each desk in your classroom as a visual reminder of your expectations. Later these visuals can be retaped to a desk as a non-verbal reminder that a student has not completed their opening routine correctly. Opening routines can change as the year goes along but must be retaught so that your students understand your expectations.

Look for future classroom management tips to help you start off school.

Morning Routine Card

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