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Monday, August 10, 2009

Classroom Management Tip #5: Using hand signals instead of yelling out

I like using hand signals for certain things in the classroom in lieu of verbal responses. For example, I like using thumbs up for students to signal that they got the material instead of 30 students yelling out, “I got the material.” I like to have students raise two fingers if they want to leave their seats so that I just say yes Jerry, no Jerry, I will let you know when Jerry, etc. Please see below a hand signal card that outlines seven ways to use signals in lieu of verbal responses. I had good luck with these in my classroom; I never got everyone to comply, but it did cut down on the yelling out in class. Also, I always responded first to students who followed the signal plan and ignored those who just yelled out without following the proper procedures. In addition, continuous yelling out results in a phone call home which also helped the signal plan work. I gave the students a copy of the signals they could use and had them tape it on the front of their notebook as a reminder of what each signal meant.

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