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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rapid Refire Cards

Rapid Refire Cards are used to encourage student participation during a review, as well as a way to check for understanding during a lesson. These cards allow individual participation and serve as a visual way for you to evaluate student knowledge. Each student is given a prepared baggy with the following contents: cards with the letters A, B, C, D, T, and F, and cards with the words Yes and No. Below you will find patterns for all of the letters and words. You can run these on card stock on a Xerox machine, cut them and create a baggy for each student. Dollar store baggies work just fine. When using the cards, you pass out the baggies and tell the students to get out A through D or T and F or Yes and No. You have three different options in one baggy.

How to use? The letters A through D are used when you want to give your students multiple choices for a questions posed by the teacher.

For example:

1. Who was the first president of the United States?
A) George Washington
B) John Adams
C) Thomas Jefferson
D) James Madison.

After the teacher has read the question, the teacher would say. “Ready, Set, Fire:” and each student would raise the letter of the correct answer. The teacher can quickly scan the room and see if she can move forward or if reteaching needs to take place.

True (T) and False (F) are used to evaluate a series of statements. After reading a statement the teacher says, “True or False,” and the student raises the appropriate card. Yes and No are used when you are polling your class and want them to either answer yes or no to a particular question, idea, or thought. This time the teacher says, “Yes or No,” and the student raises the appropriate card. It is a way of getting students to respond without talking aloud.

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