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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Relay is a game that helps student practice and review material that they need to learn. It is a simple game to create and easy to implement in the classroom. After you have developed your list of questions for review or practice, you need to divide your class into groups of four and arrange them so they are seated one behind the other. The first student in each group is given a baton that they will pass if they answer the given question correctly. Batons can be fancy or just rolled up pieces of paper. Each group of four is numbered and you start the game with number #1. You give a question to the first student in group #1 and if they answer correctly they pass the baton to the second student in group #1. If the second student answers the second question correctly they pass the baton to the third student in group #1. If the third student answers the third question correctly they pass the baton to the fourth student in group #1. If the fourth student answers the fourth question correctly one point is scored for group #1. The teacher then moves on to the next group and repeats the process. It takes four answers in a row to score a point for your team; you can not score if you do not complete the cycle. For example, if the second student in a group misses the second question, the question goes immediately to the first person in the next group. You call missing a question “dropping the baton” thus giving another team the chance to score. All students work independently when answering questions but individual performances are tied to the group’s success. To add excitement and variety to the game I often add a toss-up round. Each time a group completes the relay they will be given a toss-up question in which they have five seconds to come up with the answer within their group. The teacher then will call on a group member at random to give the answer; this question is worth 5 additional points to their score. If a group should miss their toss-up question, this question can be stolen for 5 points by the next group in line and so on until the toss-up question is answered. After the toss-up round you would return to the next group in line to complete a relay.

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