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Monday, January 11, 2010

Visual Impact

Visual impact can be used to tell a story or to review material in any content area. It is easy to create and easy to use. You start by finding a series of pictures that represent material that you want your students to know. For example, in the third grade students are required to know certain patriotic symbols. I laminated pictures printed on cardstock of the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Washington Monument, Bald Eagle, 1st flag, etc. I arrange the pictures in random order and have the students identify the pictures using choral response. Next, additional questions should be posed to teach or review supplemental material. For example, if I used a picture of the Washington Monument, after the monument was identified, I would ask the following questions before moving on to the next visual.

1. Where is it located?
2. Who does it honor?
3. What office did George Washington hold?
4. What number president was he?
5. What is he often called?

Below you can see some visuals I used to review geometric shapes in math that I made from clip art; the opportunities here are endless and it helps to make a lecture or a general review much more appealing.

To download these pictures click on the slide show, in the resulting window right click on the image and   select "save picture as".

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