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Monday, February 8, 2010


Volleyball is a game that is good for reviewing large amounts of material. You would use this game when reviewing for a test. First you will prepare a list of questions to use for this game and then prepare the serving area for the game. This is the cumulating activity after all review questions have been asked by the teacher to the students. The serving area should run across the front of the room and be approximately 12 feet long and 3 feet wide. You must have a net and a line the server cannot cross when serving. I use string for the net and masking tape to create the court (See diagram below). I attach one end of the net to the whiteboard in the classroom and the other side to a long wooden dowel which I have taped (duct tape) to side of a desk. I use nerf balls for serving but paper balls work as well. I also insist that all serves are overhand serves. Each team must have about three students who work as retrievers and runners who return the balls to the next server on deck. (See diagram below). Having student helpers working well together makes the serving run smoothly and keeps you from going crazy. The active serving part of this game is what makes the students study for the review and keeps them quiet during the questioning period. I call it a trade off and a way to burn off some steam after working hard.

Next, you divide your class into two teams. You select a captain for each team and each captain will arrange their team into the order in which they will receive questions and serve at the end of the game.


1. The teacher flips a coin to see which team receives the first question. Let’s assume that team A won the toss.

2. The teacher asks a question to the first student in line on Team A and if this student answers the question correctly, the team scores one point and the student receives a paper token for answering correctly. The teachers moves on to the next student in line and the process continues. When I refer in line, I am talking about lining up the students in their chairs or at their tables. All students should remain seated except when serving at the end.

3. The teacher continues to ask questions to Team A until someone misses a question. Team B then must come up with the correct answer to the question being asked by the teacher. The students are allowed to work together to come up with the answer but only the team captain can give this answer to the teacher. If the correct answer is given by Team B, Team A loses the serve and the serve goes to Team B. Team B is then asked questions until one of their player’s answers incorrectly. The process will continue as long as the teacher has questions to ask.

4. After all questions have been asked, the students will then be allowed to serve their volleyballs over the net. Each student will serve one ball for each token received for answering questions correctly. Every serve that goes over the net is a bonus point for the student and an additional point is added to the team score. After all balls are served from both sides, the winner is declared. Bonus points can be added to homework or quizzes or they can be collected and turned in for a prize or a special privilege later.

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