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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Classroom Management Tip #9: Give Lots of Positive Feedback

Giving students a lot of positive feedback is just good common sense. Who would you rather work for, someone who is constantly reinforcing your efforts or someone who is constantly putting you down and making inappropriate comments? That choice is pretty simple I would think. Giving positive feedback creates a sense of excitement in the classroom, and the words “good job” can put a smile on the face of a student and build the necessary confidence to try and answer the next question asked by the teacher. This concept is not brain surgery it is just simple manners. If someone does something right, praise them and if they do something wrong redirect them, do not destroy them. Below is a list of 100 ways to praise a child; I believe it is worth taking a look at.

100 Ways to Praise a Child

Equally important to verbal feedback is non-verbal feedback. As a teacher you need to smile, be upbeat, enthusiastic, and excited about teaching. There is no place for folded arms, rolling your eyes, or deep sighs in teaching. You can demoralize a student and never say word, and it is something that we must all guard against. You know what they say, “If you can’t say or do something positive, don’t say or do anything at all. It is important that we leave our personal prejudice at the classroom door. It does not matter what a student looks like, dresses like, or even acts like; all students must be treated with the same respect at all times. Facial expressions and body reactions are just as important and can be just as costly as any comment you might make in your classroom.

In addition I recommend getting everyone involved in the positive feedback game. Below is a sample card that you, fellow students, administrations or other staff members can fill out and hand to a child. All students want to be validated and it is our job to see that this is done. I would also like to refer you to Classroom Management Tip #6 “Keep Success Visual.” This tip was about motivational plans that encourage students and also serve as a visual reminder of success. Motivational Plans are another way of non-verbal feedback.

You've Been Caught
You've Been Caught Being Good

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