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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Techniques That Backfire

Below is a list of techniques that are sure to backfire if you use them with your students in your classroom. This list was adapted from the work of Budd Churchward and The Honor Level System: Discipline by Design

• Raising my voice
• Yelling
• Saying “I’m the boss here”
• Insisting on having the last word
• Using tense body language
• Putdowns
• Sarcasm
• Attacking the student’s character
• Acting superior
• Using physical force
• Drawing unrelated persons into the conflict
• Having a double standard
• Insisting that I am right
• Preaching
• Making assumptions
• Backing the student into a corner
• Pleading
• Bringing up unrelated events
• Generalizing
• Making unsubstantiated accusations
• Holding a grudge
• Nagging
• Throwing a temper tantrum
• Mimicking a student
• Making comparisons
• Commanding, demanding, dominating

If you would like to learn more about Discipline by Design by Budd Churchward, please check it out at www.honorlevel.com

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