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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Football is a game used to review for a quiz or a test. All you need to play is a list of questions, a visual of a football field with lines drawn every 10 yards, and a token to mark where each team is on the field when they have the ball. You can draw the field on your classroom white board, use the PowerPoint version and project it to your whiteboard, or if you have a Smart or Promethean Board you can copy and paste one of the football fields I have provided below to your Smart or Promethean Board. If you have a Promethean or Smart Board you can use the tools from the board to copy the PowerPoint Football Field or the word version and paste it right onto your Board. Lock the field in place on your Board, and then find players on page two of the PowerPoint. Copy and past them onto your electronic board as well and use them as your game pieces. Do not lock the players so you can move them. Tokens for the whiteboard can be anything that will stick. Find all needed files below.Now that you have a field, questions, and tokens, please divide your class into two teams and follow the procedures below.

Game Procedure:

1. The teacher flips a coin to decide which team gets the ball first. The team that wins the toss will receive the first question on their 20 yard line. Place the team’s token on the 20 yard line. The first question will be asked of the first player on the team. If answered correctly, the team will move 10 yards on the football field and the second player on the team will receive a question. The student receiving a question cannot receive assistance from other team members. If assistance is given, the team automatically fumbles the football and the other team will take over on the yard line where the ball was fumbled I recommend the no-talking rule for all teams while the teacher is asking the questions.

2. If the student answers incorrectly, the opposing team can collaborate (in a whisper) and answer the question to cause a fumble and take over possession of the ball at the point of the fumble. If team #2 fails to answer correctly, the student who had answered incorrectly will receive another question but will lose a down. The opposing team will have the opportunity to cause a fumble after every question not answered correctly. The student can have no more than four downs to move the ball and failure to do so will surrender the ball to the other side. If you have discipline problems in your classroom, I recommend using a team captain as the only person who can give the answer to create a fumble. The team captain would poll 4-5 students for the answer and decide which answer to give the teacher. Students who desire to be polled need to raise their hands.

3. The process continues until team #1 either scores or fumbles the ball. If a team scores they will receive 6 points. The next student in line kicks the extra point by answering the next question correctly and thus adding one point to the team’s score. If this student misses the question and the opposing team answers it correctly, it will be ruled that the ball was fumbled and run back to the opposite end zone. This will result in the opposing team being awarded 2 points. Many people do not know this rule in football so your students will be impressed with your knowledge of the game. Every time a team scores the non-scoring team receives the ball on the 20 yard line farthest away from their end zone.

4. The team scoring the most points wins the game.


To add spice to the game I recommend adding passing questions. I shuffle passing questions in at random, and they automatically go to the next student in line to answer a question. If you answer a passing question correctly then you will move the ball 30 yards for your team or in other words you have completed a pass play or scored. If you miss a passing question and the other team answers the question correctly they will intercept the ball and run it back 30 yards or score. The more I play the game the more I like the variation and never play the game anymore without using it. I do pre-marked questions that are passes prior to starting the game. This way the students see you as being fair to both sides.


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