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Friday, May 14, 2010

Classroom Management Staff Development Program #1

From time to time it is important to remind teachers what is important in the classroom, and I believe this can be done by using the chart enclosed below entitled Six Areas to Classroom Success. I have often used this chart to introduce a classroom management staff development presentation but think that it could make a short, 30-45 minute staff development presentation by itself. It could be used during a faculty meeting, as part of the opening celebration to start school, at a department or a grade level meeting, to kick off the start the second semester, etc. I believe the chart can provide the forum for a good dialogue between supervisor and teacher about what needs to be done in the classroom. This presentation could be presented by the principal but could also be done by an assistant principal, a department chairperson, or a regular teacher. I think it is important to include lots of different players into the staff development plan for your school. I will caution you that when selecting your players that you must select only those who practice what they are delivering in their own classroom. Also, Administrative/Supervisory presenters must be able to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. They have to be able to model good teaching not just talk about it. If you would like to do a presentation featuring this chart, you might want to refer to the following posts to help you with your script:

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I will add new classroom management staff development ideas later; and if you have seen something on this blog that you might like to include in a staff development presentation, email me at smmcname@comcast.net.
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