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Friday, July 2, 2010

How can supervisors use this blog?

 You can learn Classroom Management suggestions to share with teachers as you do observations. Teachers want supervisors who are knowledgeable and can actually help them with ideas.
You can learn new Teaching Strategies to share with teachers while doing observations. Teachers respect supervisors who were good teachers themselves and can offer alternative instructional strategies.
You can use the Tools of the Trade list as a guide to create a “necessary materials list” that your teachers should have available in their classrooms for student use with various activities. You can run my list as a handout and update it with your own ideas. This helps you know what to order; teachers will not be as creative when spending their own money.
You can use material from the site to develop your own staff development presentations or use one of the ready made presentations. Being able to stand in front of a group of teachers and deliver quality training will help you prove to your teachers you are a true instructional leader.
You can use different articles to discuss important topics with your teachers like calling parents, lesson planning, or the differences between rules and procedures. You can never have too many resources.
You can place this blog on your school resource list as a trusted site for teacher use. This is a form of staff development without the planning or the preparation.
You can learn about using opening day retreats and closing day parties as a way to kick start your next school year.
You can get suggestions for party themes to use with your own school.
You can explore other recommended websites/resources to gain additional information.

To find more Staff Development Tips go to the Staff Development Tips Page.


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