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Thursday, July 1, 2010

No work Staff Development Program

Persons supervising teachers are always looking for ways to inspire the teachers to try new things in their classroom. This is generally done through a staff development presentation, a guest speaker, a cut and paste day, etc., but these events take time and money both of which are in short supply these days. I would like to offer you this blog as a ready made staff development to hand to your teachers. I have a flier that you can edit to meet you needs, click here to download. You can electronically transfer the flyer to your teachers or give it a more personal touch by running a hard copy and placing it in each teacher’s mailbox. I created the flier as though you were the creator but feel free to make changes. Ask your teachers to spend 30 minutes looking through the blog and pick out something to try with their students. If teachers try one item they are more likely to a try a second, and then a third and so on. This blog is a free resource for teachers and by exposing them to this resource you are encouraging your teachers to study and try new things in their classrooms. I would then encourage you to mark this blog as a trusted resource on your schools webpage for their convenience. This also reinforces to your teachers that you want to see some new ideas being used in their classrooms. Congratulations, you have just done a staff development session without any work on your part.

If you would like a more in depth staff development for your staff, please refer to the article Staff Development – How to use this blog?

To get files related to this article please email me at smmcnamee@comcast.net 

If your computer does not have a program that allows you to click and send email then cut and paste my address into your own email program.

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