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Friday, November 1, 2013

Team Smart

SMART is a review game that can be used after each activity in your daily lesson plan or used to review for a test.  Team SMART is started by dividing your class into two teams and using a visual as pictured below.  You can draw the visual on your classroom white board or use the PowerPoint version and project it onto your whiteboard.  If you have a Smart or Promethean Board you can copy and paste the visual from the PowerPoint onto the Smart or the Promethean Board using the tools provided by the different boards.  After putting the visual on your electronic board, lock the visual in place.  Then using the tools from your electronic board, create triangles and squares to use as game pieces.  Make the game pieces in different colors and do not lock these tokens so you can move them.  I recommend using magnets as tokens if you are playing on a white board but anything with tape on the back will work. The game begins when the teacher asks a question of a student, and if that student answers correctly the team is given a token on the SMART Board.  If the student misses the question, then it is given to a student on the opposing team and this process continues until one team has won the token.  I also recommend putting the students in rows to play this game.  You can then ask questions by going up and down the rows, and this makes it much easier to know who gets the next question.  When a team spells SMART, the SMART cards are cleared and a new game starts.  The team that spells SMART the most times wins the game.  All files needed for this game are located at the end of this article.

I often use the following scoring option to change things up.  See sample below.

Team #1

Team #2

Red Team = 10 points for winning game (1 point for each triangle and 5 points for the win).
Green Team = 4 points for answering questions

This keeps the score closer and for some classes it keeps things more interesting.


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