Take your curriculum and shop here for ways to manage and organize your classroom as well as jazz it up with new teaching strategies.


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It is very important to me that teachers have free resources that are easy to use and that create a sense of excitement in the classroom. If I have published something that you do not understand or have questions about, please email me at smmcnamee@comcast.net.

Since retiring I have done numerous staff development presentations, as well as helped schools develop their own staff development programs using my strategies. The presentations and consulting I have done were the inspirations for my blog, “Keys to Teaching Success.” If you would like to develop presentations from my strategies to present to your fellow teachers, please feel free to do so. If I can assist you, please contact me. For example, you could do a staff training introducing the blog and articulating how the blog could be used in the average classroom. You can easily use the classroom management articles and tips to design a staff development program. In addition, you can use interactive strategies from the blog to present the classroom management material, which will teach new teaching strategies for classroom use at the same time. The easiest way to present the strategies is as a block of five strategies. Teachers need to participate just as a classroom student would participate so that they can gain ownership on the skill.

I would also just like to hear from you and to learn if the strategies are working in your classroom. In fact in the future I am planning an article on comments and recommendations I have received about this blog. I still continue to work in schools on a part-time basis and still do a few presentations a year. I want to be current and remain actively involved in education.


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