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I urge you to “Join the Discussion” and share what is working with your students in your classroom. It is quick and easy to “Join the Discussion,” and I believe this forum will be helpful other educators around the world. I have had visitors on this blog from all over the United States, the Philippines, Hong Kong, England, and France. With information flowing in from so many diverse areas, I think we could develop a support system that would encourage others to try some new things in their classrooms.

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The most difficult job I have had over the years is to convince teachers to try something outside the box. Change is hard and all of us want to continue to do things the same way we have always done them. It is much easier not to change, because change takes additional work and who wants additional work. Today’s student is harder to motivate because they use to a lot of interaction in their lives. They love their personal computers, their cell phones, their iPods, and they expect similar interactions in the classroom. Unfortunately not all schools have a computer for every child so it is necessary to come up with ways to get students interacting in a positive way with lesser resources. Students today are very social and they want to talk constantly while doing their school work. It is very important that we devise lessons that have students talking about content not about what they watched on television last night. I am challenging you to “Join the Discussion” and help your colleagues discover new teaching strategies.

I have set up two Discussion Groups. The first Discussion Group allows you to comment on the “strategies of the week” that are featured on this blog. How have they worked in your classroom? How have you had to change them and what successes and/or problems have you encountered? As I go into schools many teachers tell me about the fun they are having implementing new teaching strategies and games from the blog into their classroom. I get emails all the time stating the same thing. What I would like for you to do is “Join the Discussion” and tell others about how you have used this blog. My hope is that this will encourage others to try different strategies in their classroom. Also, I would love to post your teaching ideas to improve the classroom as well as any new teaching strategy that you might have invented and are currently having success with in your classroom.

The second Discussion Group is for anyone who supervises teachers. I would ask you to comment on how you have used the blog to help an individual or a group of teachers improve instruction or how you might have used the blog for staff development purposes. I would encourage you to empower your teachers and ask them to share a teaching strategy they have implemented successfully in their classroom at a faculty meeting. On staff development days take five of the games from the blog and present them to your staff as possible alternatives to assessment in their classrooms or present five teaching strategies as an alternative to using a worksheet. You can ask teachers under your supervision to help you so that you do not have to do all the work yourself. But remember when doing staff development training, teachers need to be actively involved in the learning. If you are conducting a training session on games, then the teachers being trained must actually play the games using actual classroom content. Also, if you try a training session please share the outcome with other readers. This will give them the confidence that they to can be staff development trainers and institute change in their building.


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