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Other Websites of Interest

I am always looking for new ideas on the internet, and thought that I might share with you five sources of information that I have found interesting.

1. The First Days of School by Harry and Rosemary Wong has been a great resource for me over the years. You can buy the book on the Wong website or go to Amazon.com and buy a used copy for a greatly reduced price.

2. Classroom Discipline 101 is done by Craig Seganti from California who is still in the classroom. He offers a free email class that I found very interesting. He almost always has an ad on this blog to his site. I would give his free class a chance.

3. A post that I have done on my blog called Techniques That Backfire comes from the Discipline by Design Program by Budd Churchward. I think his website is worth looking at and there is a lot of information there without buying anything. Access the site by searching.

4. 5 Essential Classroom Management Strategies was posted by Melissa M at http://www.articledashboard.com/Article/5-Essential-Classroom-Management-Strategies/1405941. You have to scroll down past some ads but the info is good once you get to it.


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